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Commercial Roof Maintenance

RooFix has a strong commitment to sustainable roofing, and a regular roof maintenance program is the cornerstone of this. With our landfills overflowing, and global warming an ever present threat, keeping your roof system out of the land fill for as long as it is cost effective to do so is our goal.

Your roof may be the most critical and expensive components of your building and ignoring it is poor asset management.

A good roof maintenance program can:

  • Prevent costly roof leaks and damage to the interior and structure of your building
  • Maximize the service life of your roof system by up to 50%
  • Reduce the frequency of surprise expenditures
  • Help predict and plan for problems and repairs
  • Maintain property values.

A regular roof maintenance program can be as simple as an annual roof check up to provide you with that piece of mind that your drains are clear, and your roof is going to stand up to the next six months of on-coming rain.

Every roof system has different maintenance requirements that are determined by:

  • The type of materials used in the assembly
  • The age of the assembly
  • The amount of sunlight it gets
  • The proximity to trees and other environmental factors.

Let the professionals at RooFix – the roof maintenance experts – worry about your roof for you.

Call today to schedule your free roof maintenance assessment and get signed up for our quarterly, bi-annual or annual maintenance program.